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Wanda Walls
(903) 663-4768
4446 Tryon Road
Longview, TX
Membership Organizations
International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy (IACT)

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Family Focus Chiropractic
(903) 236-6222
101 Woodbine Place # B
Longview, TX
Elder Chiropractic Clinic
(903) 759-5557
1809 West Loop 281 Suite 104
Longview, TX
Advanced Therapeutic Massage
(903) 297-6100
170 Hillshore Cir
Longview, TX
Farris Gearald Chirprtr
(903) 759-3651
3110 Gilmer Road
Longview, TX
Franklin Chiropractic
(903) 236-9299
400 North 3rd Street
Longview, TX
Elite Gym & Fitness
(903) 753-2020
120 Johnston Street
Longview, TX
Academy Rehabilitation
(903) 295-8510
1007 West Loop 281
Longview, TX
Center for Alternative Healing LC
(903) 757-4228
1201 West Loop 281 Suite 504
Longview, TX
Brookshire's - Longview- Pharmacy
(903) 297-6963
3354 Gilmer Road
Longview, TX
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Integrative Medicine: Naturopathy

Natural medicine, nature cure, naturopathy...are these all the same thing, and whether or not they are what do they have to offer for you in this era of 'scientific' medicine?

These are treatment systems which also offer a basic philosophy for living, which if followed is claimed to prevent much of the illhealth which afflicts modern humans.

Quite simply naturopathy is a system which is concerned with the whole person, rather than just the problems afflicting his/her various organs and systems. Naturopathy recognizes and uses the fact that the body is a self-healing organism, working with the knowledge that if the right environment and opportunity for self-healing can be created repair, recovery and good health will result, spontaneously and illhealth will be prevented.

Most forms of illness are self-limiting.

Cuts heal, breaks mend, infections are controlled, digestive upsets settle and emotional upsets resolve themselves ... as a general rule.

The mechanisms which achieve these resolutions are together known as homoeostasis.

This is the self-balancing, self repairing process achieved by efficient working of the immune system and other defence mechanisms in action.

Naturally enough when these self-repair systems become overwhelmed or deficient they may require assistance, and this is where treatment comes into the picture.

What is essential from a naturopathic (and logical) point of view is that whatever treatment is used it should not make matters worse. Ideally treatment should encourage the self-healing mechanisms rather than dictating to them or forcing them into particular actions.

Top Symptom Treatments and Alternatives
A recent survey of UK medical prescribing trends showed that far and away the most costly and common conditions treated by drugs are those related to ulcers and high blood pressure (each of these problems cost the NHS many hundreds of millions of pounds annually!).

The causes of peptic ulcers and high blood pressure have much in common, and these can be summarised as a combination of nutritional imbalances, poor stress coping abilities and (often) undesirable habits such as smoking (all interacting with certain predisposing, inborn, characteristics in many cases).

To take medication to control these conditions, except when the condition threatens life itself, does not address the real needs of the sick person, it just controls and masks the problem.

Naturopathic methods to both conditions would include:

  • reform of the person's diet as well, where indicated, as the use of specific supplementation

  • the possible use of periods of detoxification (including short fasts if necessary, during which time remarkable degrees of self-repair occur)

  • the use of structural normalisation (using osteopathy and various soft tissue techniques for example) to help the general function of the body as a whole and to reduce mechanical stress factors

  • the introduction of appropri...

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Naturopathic Medicine: Naturopathic Medicine

 (Excerpted from Five Steps to Selecting the Best Alternative Medicine , New World Library , 1997)

There are currently twelve states in the U.S. and five provinces in Canada that license naturopathic doctors as primary care physicians: Alaska, Arizona, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, Utah, Vermont, Washington, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and Saskatchewan. All other states in the U.S. have licensable, trained naturopaths practicing. In these states, many N.D.'s who graduated from an accredited four-year college opt to apply for licenses in other health care modalities, such as acupuncture or chiropractic, in order to stay protected by law. Others choose to practice without protection of the law. In most states, naturopathic medicine is "alegal" (neither "legal" nor "illegal"). In these states, naturopathic medicine is neither protected nor regulated. Regrettably, this can be somewhat confusing for the health care consumer.

Jim Massey, N.D., says, "When I was in North Carolina, there must have been thirty people practicing as N.D.'s. Only four of them had been to four-year medical schools. You could pay $25 and set up a tax I.D. number and start practicing immediately. You'd have to kill somebody before they'd come after you for practicing without a license. It isn't fair to the public to be duped by these people with the phony initials after their names."29

Again, to protect yourself and your health, call the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. They represent the largest contingency of licensed naturopathic physicians who have graduated from an accredited school.

Closing Thoughts

Licensed naturopathic physicians are filling an important need as primary health care providers who are experts in nontoxic, noninvasive treatments. As highly skilled and well educated about the human body as graduates of Stanford or Yale medical schools, they bring the best of ancient natural treatments and scientific research to their medicine. Naturopathic medicine could serve you as well as the growing number of Americans who are calling their naturopathic physician first for their health care needs.


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